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  • Turkish Bath Products to Try At Least Once

    The Turks have brought splendid products in bathing and grooming procedures to the whole world. They’ve created a wide range of bathing materials that will surely become vital for you in no time once you get to know them. We’ve listed some of the most indispensable ones for you from cotton bath towels/robes to totally-natural sea sponges, authentic soaps, and even some coffee scrub! Ready for a timeless experience with the traditional Turkish bath and hammam materials? Take a look at the Turkish bath products that you should give a try at least once in your lifetime.

    Loofah: Natural sponge

    The natural Turkish sea sponge maintains its popularity as the perfect body loofah. For many centuries, people have collected and utilized these wonderful products in the Mediterranean region for their bathing rituals. The fabric is extra soft and they have much to offer especially for sensitive skins and babies. Using it is a gentle and non-irritating way of cleaning the skin.

    Bath scrub: Kese

    This genuine bath product gives you peace and calm, making you feel lighter after a steamy shower. Kese has countless remedies! When used to exfoliate the dead skin, it prevents countless skin diseases especially acne. It also replenishes the skin by increasing blood circulation. Rub yourself with kese in lengthy, circular strokes, giving special attention to places where layers of dead skin easily accumulate. Rinse and repeat if you feel that is necessary. At the end of these two steps, you will achieve the perfectly glowing, soft skin. Once you try it, you’ll never do without a kese rub every week!

    Pistachio soap (Bıttım soap)

    Bıttım soap is made of pistachios grown in Türkiye’s South Anatolian region. Your hair will get a crystal-clean and shiny look when you use it. Your hair will be graced with luster and power. This authentic soap material has been used for generations among locals and it’s an ecofriendly alternative to chemical shampoos.

    Apricot soap

    Containing apricot kernel oil, the apricot soap is a great choice for sensitive and dry skin. It calms your face and nourishes your skin with moisture. It contains apricots, shea and olive oils to lend the most unique service for your skin to restore and replenish. With its pleasant smell, you will become addicted to this natural face cleaning product!

    Olive oil soap

    Olive oil soap has been touted as a fantastic hair and skin treatment for ages by many civilizations. Its antioxidant benefits and Vitamin E content have long been credited with nourishing, cleansing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating skin of all ages. When applied to the skin, it gently removes dirt and pollutants easily, achieving the perfect glow and fresh sensation you are looking for.

    Turkish coffee body scrub

    Using the well-renowned Turkish coffee as a body scrub is a unique method for body and facial treatment. Turkish coffee has countless remedies like reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, and removing dead skin cells. Thansk to the natural coffee grains, you will be gifted with a radiant, youthful skin!

    Peştamal bathrobe and towels

    Turkish peştamal towels are traditional, high quality towels/robes that have been used for centuries by locals. It’s a traditional Turkish bath (hammam) accessory made of flat-woven cotton, silk, or linen with a hand-tied trimming. Thanks to its cotton fibers, it has high durability and thus can be used for many years. Light in weight, they are perfectly versatile and can be used not only for body but also face and hair. Apart from everyday use, you can also use it as a great travel companion. Having a traditional and elegant look, it will definitely elevate your bathing ritual to the next level!