Lycian Gems

With shores, forests and mountains peppered with millennial ancient ruins, the Turkish Riviera is the perfect destination for history aficionados. Protected by the Taurus Mountains range on the north, Turkish Riviera is where lush green and blue are intertwined and offers you unpredictable experiences.

Following the Paths of History by the Sea, the Sand and the Sun 

Patara, the ancient capital of Lycia, one of the Mediterranean's oldest civilizations, welcomes you in all its splendour. With its unique sands and sand dunes that blend perfectly with the crystal-clear Turkish Mediterranean, Patara has been home to loggerhead sea turtles (caretta caretta) for millions of years. Witnessing the hatchlings hatching and running towards the sea in Patara, the world's longest beach with a 12-kilometer stretch, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.The historical texture of this city, which has been the scene of various civilizations throughout its history, is preserved by its columns meeting the sky's blue, the Arch of Triumph, which is the city's symbol, the 'granarium,' which stores grains to be sent from Anatolia to Rome, and the world’s oldest democratic parliament building are to be seen along with all of its other splendours.

Ancient City of Patara with the world’s longest beach dotted with sand dunes enriches photographs and memories. Also, did you know that St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, is from Patara?

Xanthos and Letoon, the Mediterranean's hidden gems, are among the region's must-see destinations. These two ancient cities, both designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are among the most important values that carry the traces of the well-known Lycian civilizations until present day. Xanthos, known for its people's independence and bravery, was the Lycian union's largest administrative centre; Letoon, on the other hand, was the region's religious centre, with temples dedicated to Artemis and Apollo, as well as their mother Leto. You can be enchanted by the past and walk in the footsteps of ancient civilizations while visiting this location.

The Fascinating Turquoise of the Mediterranean

You will get the sense of being in a wonderland in every step you make through the Turkish Mediterranean. This coastline, where the captivating Mediterranean blue meets the one-of-a-kind green, has a lot to offer.

This world wonder destination offers a variety of activities such as camping, diving, and boat tours in almost every town along the shore. In the dazzling Mediterranean nature, you can go for a walk or ride a bike. The coves and beaches you'll pass along the way will certainly make you want to jump into the cool water. Be careful, the blue of Kaputaş Beach has the ability to give you dizziness! The coastal town of Kaş, which adorns everyone's dreams, resembles a paradise with its narrow, cobbled streets, unique sea, forests, unforgettable coves, and bougainvillea adding life to houses with wooden balconies.

Kekova, renowned for its amazing underwater riches, is also one of Blue Cruises' essential stops. This 260 square-kilometre-wide cosy town offers you countless accommodation options ranging from pensions to hotels to gulets, the traditional two or three-masted wooden sailing boats. While strolling through this beautiful Mediterranean town, purchase travel souvenirs for your loved ones at a variety of souvenir shops to bring home back along with your memories in the pocket. While gliding over the sparkling Mediterranean in blue patterned white beach clothes purchased from the market area set up on the pier before boarding the boat to discover amazing underwater riches of Kekova, you will undoubtedly feel noble. Kekova is the largest island in the Turkish Riviera. Aperlai, Simena, Theimiusa and the Sunken City, which can be observed during boat tours, are places that add meaning to blue cruises. Feel free to ask to take five for a quick dive anytime and listen to the stories of the thousands of years of history while enjoying the Turkish sun embellishing the skies of Mediterranean over 300 days a year.  Being a Lycian settlement and accessible only by sea, Simena is also known as Kaleköy. The theatre carved into the rock is the most surprising piece of work in Simena. From the castle, you can embrace stunning Mediterranean views. Additionally, goat's milk ice cream and Turkish coffee with carob accompanied with the small chit-chats of locals in a traditional kahvehane, tea houses will help you feel relaxed during your break in Kaleköy.

A Mediterranean Town Famed for its Stunning Historical Artefacts: Demre

Demre, one of Antalya's most valuable towns, never fails to impress visitors with its historical and natural delights. The Lycian Way, which passes through Demre, combines the endless blue of the Mediterranean with lush pine forests, bringing nature and sports enthusiasts walking this road together with unique landscapes and ancient cities that bear the traces of the past.

Saint Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, was a bishop in the city of Myra. St. Nicholaos Church, named after the saint, is one of Demre’s spiritual and cultural treasures. You can spend a pleasant holiday by staying in a hotel or apart houses in Demre, where history is a whole with nature. 

Myra Ancient City could be the starting point for your Demre excursion. Myra, which means "the place of the Supreme Mother Goddess," was a notable city of the time, particularly when St. Nicholas was the bishop. This city will greet you with its gigantic rock tombs cut into the rocks. It is quite easy to navigate and fascinates with its eye-catching masterpieces. You should also visit the ancient city's theatre. With its majestic aqueduct, Andriake Ancient City, also known as Myra's harbour and a small settlement, will wink at you from afar. While visiting Andriake Ancient City, which was founded in 200 BCE at the mouth of the Andriakos (Kokarçay) River, you can imagine yourself as a Lycian.

Soothing of senses

After an active day, surrender yourself to soothing hands at the hotel, to have the most impressive and intimate spa and thalassotherapy packages. You may also opt for mindfulness programmes or personal trainings and group activities to relax and rebalance, mind, body and spirit. Keep your body and soul active in a setting with a wondrous sea view and state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

When you spend a day, you may end your day with a long, mindful nature walk on the sandy beach or in the lush green forest. Tune-up with a sensory walking session for some stress-busting and mood-boosting. First, walk while keeping your eyes still and watching the view change as shapes shift in and out of your line of vision. Then, focus just on the soles of your feet, aware of different sensations there as the surface changes. And now, listen to the sounds of your steps, the waves or the leaves – the world moves around you as you move. Lastly, focus on smells and tastes in the air. Carpe diem to rejuvenate in the Turkish Riviera.