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    Historical Centre

    You can be sure that your vacation on the Turkish Riviera will be one to remember. While ancient cities to visit along the coastline will attract history buffs, lush forests, turquoise sea and much more will accompany you. In the city centre of Antalya, at the end of a day when you have immersed yourself in the cool waters, you will want to go to various dining and entertainment venues and keep up with the pace of this metropolis.

    A Portal To The Past: Kaleiçi, Old Town 

    Antalya, which has long been one of Türkiye's summer hot spot, offers brilliant experiences to suit everyone's tastes, from 7 to 70 years old. This city, which is spread out over a large area, has thousands of activities and attractions. Without a doubt, Kaleiçi is Antalya's beating heart!  Hadrian's Gate will greet you in all its splendour before you enter this neighbourhood, located by the coast, where the historical texture is preserved. This magnificent gate, which resembles Antalya's host, was built in honour of the Roman Emperor Hadrian's visit to the city about 2000 years ago.

    It's impossible not to be enchanted while passing beneath this structure, which serves as one of the ancient city walls' entrance doors. When you walk through this door, you'll feel as if you've entered a time tunnel, complete with Kaleiçi's historical narrow streets and city walls. The roads here will lead you to the marina, which is an ancient Roman port. You can, of course, take the elevator all the way down to the port.

    There are a variety of lodging options in Kaleiçi, which is popular with families and couples, ranging from small hostels to hotels converted from old mansions. Also, if you are looking for a luxurious stay, 5-star hotels very close to Kaleiçi are just for you.   Following the sounds of live music in Kaleiçi, which is bustling day and night with souvenir shops, mosques with traces of the Seljuk and Ottoman Empires, houses with bay windows, pubs, and restaurants, can be a fun evening.

    Do not miss seeing the Antalya Archeology Museum, which is located near Kaleiçi, one of the most important museums in Türkiye and has been deemed worthy of prestigious awards. The museum has a section for children, as well as many different thematic halls dating from the Palaeolithic Age to Rome. The Heracles Sarcophagus and the Tired Heracles Statue are among the most important works of the museum.

    From Street Food to Fine Dining and Cosy Wineries: Antalya Awaits You

    The best way to learn about a city is to try its foods. Antalya, which combines various cuisines with its rich culture, offers a wide range of options, ranging from popular street foods to top-notch restaurants with a solid reputation. It's impossible to visit Antalya without trying piyaz. These flavours are definitely worth trying. You can also make this taste, which is unique to the masters of Antalya, vegetarian by ordering the piyaz bread without eggs. 

    Antalya is one of the cities in Turkey that has made a name for itself in the fields of viticulture and wine production... Furthermore, some of these businesses that produce delectable wines from Lycian grapes also serve as hotels. It is announced to those who wish to spend a relaxing vacation among Antalya's grape-scented vineyards.

    Antalya’s Luminous Blue Is Just Something Different 

    It is impossible not to be swept away by the natural beauties of this city, where the sea, sand and sun live in love. If you do not prefer boat tours from the city centre, you can spend time at Antalya's beautiful beaches and waterfalls.

    Düden Waterfalls, one of the exquisite beauties of Antalya, are indispensable for sunrise and sunset views with all their splendour. Having a picnic at the Yukarı Düden Waterfall, one of the waterfalls known as Lower Düden and Yukarı Düden, which is very close to the city centre, will take you away from all the stress. Clean oxygen would also be an advantage. The Lower Düden Waterfall, which spills into the sea, resembles a postcard view.

    If you're travelling with a family, consider going to a water park or visiting Antalya Aquarium, the world's largest tunnel aquarium. With its wide sandy beach and fine sands, you can immerse yourself in the Mediterranean waters by becoming one with the sun at Lara beach, also known as Altınkum. Alternatively, you can spend a wonderful day at Konyaaltı Beach, the city's most popular beach, which boasts a Blue Flag and a pebble structure. It's entirely up to you...