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    Get your clubs ready for the Turkish Riviera

    Time to hit the golf ball in Türkiye! The charmingly beautiful and delicately elegant Turkish Mediterranean offers to golf lovers an unforgettable experience made of comfort and joy.

    Newly designed courses, beautiful sceneries, amazing accommodation options and tailor-made expert services… Besides its crystal-clear waters, fine sand beaches and natural beauties, the Turkish Riviera is also famous for its breath-taking golf amenities.

    Sun-kissed region

    The Turkish Mediterranean has a 1000-kilometre-long coast and lush green forests of pine and cedar, protected by the Taurus Mountains in the North, and a year-round mild Mediterranean climate with 300 days of sunshine and an average annual temperature in the 20s. The sun-kissed region is home to stunning resorts enclaved in nature and balanced with modernity and offers tailor-made services to visitors.

    It is also a sports destination - skiing, alpinism, rafting, diving, fishing, sailing, paragliding, and hiking are just a few of the sports one can experience in the region. But above all, the sunshine region promises perfect playing conditions for golf all year round and has a well-deserved world-wide reputation which attracts thousands of golfers every year.

    Remarkable facilities

    Antalya’s Belek district is famous for its particularly long playing season and for its amazing world-class golf courses that vary from classic, heathland style golf courses to brand new signature courses of international standards designed by world-renowned players. The area offers eleven sophisticated clubs and sixteen courses surrounded by natural scenery and intrigues all skill levels of golfers.

    Located in the middle of a forest of fir trees, in a setting where lakes and ponds occupy an important place, these beautiful courses fascinate afficionados –in 2019, the region hosted more than 500,000 rounds. Some courses provide lighting that gives the opportunity of playing golf at night with the comfort of daylight, and enjoying golf until late at night. The facilities of this European Mediterranean destination are always crowned with impressive club houses with colonial or modern architecture. The golf courses organise classes and international championships for men and women.

    Accommodation at its best 

    Combining history, culture, nature, gastronomy and relaxation the region provides everything one can expect from a classical Mediterranean experience. Nearby hotels propose astounding top-quality accommodation, and food and beverage options. From top-notch 5-star resorts to charming luxurious boutique hotels, fine dining restaurants to cute little spots serving traditional Turkish classics the alternatives are endless. These hotels are also a perfect fit for family holidays: Nothing can replace a beautiful, sunny day spent at the sandy beach. Also, with numerous activities such as scuba diving, horse riding and sailing, your golfing holiday can easily be the entire family’s best vacation.

    Here, highly experienced teams offer tailormade assistance. Luxury services lend an additional feeling of exclusivity to the overall experience. Special dietary needs? A sailing excursion added to your vacation? A fishing trip? Exploring ancient historical monuments around? Everything is easy as an apple pie. Just pack your clubs, divot-repair tools, tees and golf shoes, and let the rest to travel assistants.