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    A Splendid Holiday Experience

    Welcome to the Turkish Riviera! 

    The charmingly beautiful and delicately elegant Turkish Riviera offers an unforgettable experience made of comfort and joy. 

    A 1000-kilometre-long coast, protected by the Taurus Mountains in the North, with a year-round mild Mediterranean climate and 300 days of sunshine… With lush green forests of pine and cedar, fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise sea, the picturesque Turkish Riviera is the perfect address to have a marvellous holiday experience where the picturesque sun-kissed views enhance visitors.

    The Turkish Riviera is famous for beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, pristine bays and natural pools where natural spring waters join the sea, and, last but not least, its stunning resorts enclaved in nature balanced with modernity.

    Accommodation at its best

    Imagine an accommodation experience with a little more than everything you could wish for: Book a secluded resort at the heart of the nature where the forest embraces the see, a room that provides ultimate comfort and commands views over the Turkish Riviera. Here, the utmost attention of the conciergerie will help you plan your journey. You can ask anything: A guided tour to historical wonders, a boat excursion with stops at the most beautiful, secluded coves, a personal shopping advisor who knows where to find your eventual highlights, a private fishing tour crowned with a perfect dinner at sunset where you can enjoy the catch of the day with a delicious glass of local wine. 

    The gastronomic adventure in the Turkish Riviera does not end here. In the region, the generous Mother Earth provides delicious fruits and vegetables, as the climate and soil are suitable for growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The Mediterranean cuisine highlights simple, healthy, plant and vegetable-based dishes prepared mainly with extra virgin olive oil. The local organic farms grow mouth-watering produce that are natural immune boosters and feature in all local dishes. Traditional restaurants offer delicious mezes such as aubergine purée, salted bonito and borlotti beans cooked in olive oil accompanying fresh fish.

    Mind-blowing sites

    The Turkish Riviera is home to year-round festivals and cultural events that gather the international art and culture aficionados to Antalya. Turkish Riviera offers numerous live music performances throughout the year. The Golden Orange Film Festival held every year in Antalya is the country’s biggest film festival hosting both cinema lovers and film professionals. The highly-acclaimed jazz festival in Kaş offers a perfect opportunity for those who would like to enjoy the beautiful programme and discover the underwater riches of the region –Kaş and the nearby Kekova Island are famous as stunning diving spots. But the most exquisite experience awaits you at Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival, held in the two-thousand-year-old wondrous Aspendos Ancient Theatre our ancestors used to appreciate art just like we do. Now, park yourself on one of the thousands-year-old seats and enjoy the modern adaptations of opera and ballet shows.    

    Heir to many civilisations, the region has a very rich archaeological and cultural heritage and some of these sites are easily and delightfully accessible via sea excursions. Take a boat from Antalya’s old Roman harbour to discover the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the region and admire some of the most beautiful examples of ancient cities such as Side, Patara, Olympos and Phaselis. 

    Tailormade boat experiences range from week-long excursions to island-hopping picnics and romantic sunset cruises aboard motor yachts for those who are in a hurry and sailing boats for those who love to take their time downwind. Fully enjoy your holiday at beautiful shores combining shades of blue and green –as the turquoise Mediterranean Sea laps fine sand or pebble beaches, and ancient pine forests scent the air. If you are into sports, in addition to the sea experience, you can test the world-famous golf courses, scenic hiking trails and biking routes.

    A Lovely Shopping Adventure

    From immense shopping malls and outlet centres to tiny craft stores in side streets, the Turkish Riviera offers many shopping alternatives to visitors.

    You may hire a private shopping assistant or explore it by your own –whether you are looking for high quality leather signed by craftsmen masters of his domain, handmade jewellery and objects inspired by historical heritage, or designer clothing that blends the traditional with the modern.

    Soothing of senses

    After an active day, surrender yourself to soothing hands at the hotel, to have the most impressive and intimate spa and thalassotherapy packages. You may also opt for mindfulness programmes or personal trainings and group activities to relax and rebalance, mind, body and spirit. Keep your body and soul active in a setting with a wondrous sea view and state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

    When you spend a day, you may end your day with a long, mindful nature walk on the sandy beach or in the lush green forest. Tune-up with a sensory walking session for some stress-busting and mood-boosting. First, walk while keeping your eyes still and watching the view change as shapes shift in and out of your line of vision. Then, focus just on the soles of your feet, aware of different sensations there as the surface changes. And now, listen to the sounds of your steps, the waves or the leaves – the world moves around you as you move. Lastly, focus on smells and tastes in the air. Carpe diem to rejuvenate in the Turkish Riviera.